In the face of the global crisis, the online marketplace is under increased economic and technical demands. I deliver client solutions that dramatically improve website operational efficiencies and reduce costs. As a passionate self-starter, I am instrumental in driving technical and operational changes that yield results.

Possessing both technical understanding and business acumen, I actively seek out new ways of working, challenge the status quo and promote process automation to save time in performing repetitive tasks, and work alongside developers to remove blockers and implement workarounds that eradicate manual intervention.

Forging relationships with stakeholders of all levels is one of my fortes. I communicate effectively and translate complex requirements into deliverable technological visions, pulling on the right resources to develop, maintain and enhance online platforms, leading to increased lead generation and sales.

Having started out in business with global brand Estée Lauder, I gained the skills to understand how corporate and strategic objectives need to be considered when shaping solutions. I am able to combine this with my love of technology to shape, develop and implement advanced websites.

Other Skills

∗Written Communication ∗Complex Problem Solving ∗Learning new Technologies ∗Requirements Elicitation ∗Performance Optimisation

Tools & Technologies

∗CMS ∗WordPress ∗Drupal ∗HTML & CSS ∗LAMP ∗GitHub ∗New Relic ∗SonarCloud ∗Jira ∗Slack ∗Google Analytics ∗E-commerce


∗Website & UX Design ∗Website deployment ∗Website performance ∗Website Management ∗Business Operations ∗Web Operations


∗User Journeys ∗Automation ∗Streamlining
∗Cost Savings

London, UK

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